At Ochoco West, we specialize in making fast and efficient deliveries to contractors and framers across the western United States on a personal level. As one of the fastest growing lumber companies in the country, Ochoco West's strength has been and will continue to be our extensive knowledge of the lumber industry. Through our many years of on the job lumber distribution experience, combining to over a century, our product knowledge and awareness of on the job situations drives us to make things happen the way you, the customer, need them to.

By shipping mill direct along with our numerous and strategically located inventories, we will be able to significantly lower your overall lumber expenses. From this strategy we have been extremely successful in managing our customer's lumber needs. We are unique in that our job controls are run on each and every project and are updated on a daily basis to help us help you.

So when choosing a lumber distributor for your next project, experience the personal side of the lumber industry with Ochoco West. Come see why customers keep coming back and why our list of customers continues to grow.

We look forward to your business!



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