Our projects range in complexity and scope. We focus primarily on:

  • Multi-Family Developments
    1. Ochoco West knows that the most efficient and cost effective way to deliver material is direct to site. Meaning material leaves the mill directly, or through one of our many strategically located reloads to your project. This mentality optimizes efficiency and upholds customer schedules.
  • Commercial Structures
    1. With the scrutiny a commercial project is subject to from entry to completion, we understand that our customer’s schedules have very little margin for error. Our careful consideration of these narrow scheduling windows helps us ensure your milestones are met.
  • Single Family Homes
    1. With the continual volatility of this sector, a firm understanding of each project and its needs is paramount. Ochoco West makes sure that the correct plans are in place to support projects of this nature. We ensure that contingency plans have been considered to support unforeseen issues/changes which allows us to adapt on short notice.